Tieguanyin: The Story of Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

Like most of the best teas on the planet, Tieguanyin traces its origins to old China. With a background that entails nobility, luck, and also effort, it’s no surprise that the tea is a cherished favorite today. The tea is one of one of the most preferred ranges in modern times many thanks to its intense floral fragrance as well as its wonderful aftertaste that lingers. Discover the tale of Tieguanyin tea from its origins and farming to the different kinds and just how to brew it right below.

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What is Tieguanyin?

Tieguanyin tea is an oolong tea from China. This oolong is securely rolled and also features a brightly floral fragrance and also wonderful aftertaste that sticks around for mins. The tea is made from a special varietal of the tea plant. This varietal is characterized by a peach fallen leave shape that includes a tilted pointer as well as a pink facility.

Background of Tieguanyin

Tieguanyin is a Chinese oolong tea that is grown mostly in the Anxi region of the Fujian District. The tea is named after the Chinese siren Guanyin, which lends another prominent name to this tea: Iron Siren of Grace tea. The name is likewise referred to as Ti Kuan Yin tea as well as TGY.


The farming of Tieguanyin dates back to the early 19th century. While the precise origins are unknown, there are 2 main legends explaining the development of this special oolong tea. The initial is the story of an inadequate farmer named Wei. Daily he would sweep out the neighborhood temple, feeling it was his only way of contributing honor to the gods.

Someday, he had a vision in the temple that there was a prize to be found in a close-by cavern. After the vision, he mosted likely to the cave where he found a single tea shoot. He took the tea shoot, planted it in his garden as well as took care of it until it turned into a phenomenal tea bush. From this plant, he made the very first Tieguanyin tea and after that expanded cultivation to bring prosperous problems to every one of the villagers.

The second legend concentrates on a scholar called Wang. While on a stroll, Wang stumbled upon a tea shoot underneath the Guanyin rock. He took the plant residence, grew it as well as found the grandeurs of this type of oolong tea. Wang presented a cup of tea from these tea delegates the Qianlong Emperor. The emperor was amazed and so started the long power of Tieguanyin as a precious oolong tea.

While these might only be legends, the reality of the issue is Tieguanyin tea is a remarkable oolong tea with unique qualities. Read on to learn exactly how the tea is grown and also brewed.

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Tieguanyin Growing

Standard Tieguanyin is used only the fallen leaves, not the buds of the tea plant. The tea is commonly made using the tool to huge leaves as well as tea masters tweeze 3 to four leaves in addition to the originates from each tea shoot. The harvest typically happens in the fall, as opposed to in the spring when most various other teas are picked.

As soon as the tea leaves are plucked, they are withered in the sun to start the drying procedure. The fallen leaves are shaken or mixed every 2 hours to ensure even drying out and also the entire withering procedure takes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. The leaves are thought about done wilting when the sides transform a reddish-brown and also the facility has a yellow-colored shade.

After perishing, comes the oxidizing process. The leaves are usually left overnight to oxidize– a process where enzymes respond with oxygen– producing brand-new tastes and also transforming the leaves a darker brownish or black hue. The fallen leaves are after that positioned in a large wok as well as fired over a fire to quit the oxidation process.

Tieguanyin leaves are rolled while they’re still warm, into limited, half-ball shapes. The leaves are then baked as well as roasted prior to being packaged available for sale as loose leaf tea.

Types of Tieguanyin

There are 2 main categories of Tieguanyin referred to as Anxi or Muzha teas. Anxi Tieguanyin is a tea that originates from the Anxi region of China. This sort of oolong tea is comparable in taste to an eco-friendly tea with a flower fragrance and also golden yellow liquid. Muzha Tieguanyin uses a much more durable flavor with nutty notes and a baked body. The kind makes right into a reddish-brown hue.

This sort of tea can likewise differ depending upon the roasting degree and harvest time. Autumn-harvested Tieguanyin has solid flavor notes while summer season Tieguanyin is considered reduced quality, however much more budget-friendly. There are likewise various Tieguanyin teas that vary as a result of much longer or much shorter roasting durations. Among one of the most well-known is Jade Tieguanyin which is eco-friendly in shade, flaunts a flowery taste, and also is just gently baked. Taiwan likewise grows an Iron Siren tea though the particular varietal of the tea plant utilized in China is not constantly used to generate Taiwanese teas.

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Just How to Brew Tieguanyin Oolong Tea

Begin with a teapot, teacup (typically a gaiwan), and also a temperature-controlled tea pot or pot you can heat on the stove.

Wash the teapot and also teacup with warm water to heat up the vessels. Throw out the water when done.

Warm water in a temperature-controlled pot or a pot on the cooktop to in between 190 and also 200 degrees Fahrenheit (88 ° C-93 ° C).

Place two tablespoons of Iron Goddess of Mercy into a tea filter or Ingenuitea.

Pour the hot water right into the teapot and also cover the vessel with a cover. Let the tea high for 2 to 3 minutes.

Pour the tea into your cup and take pleasure in!

Tiguanyin tea can be re-steeped 3 to 6 times. For each extra infusion, include regarding 30 seconds of steeping time to preserve wonderful taste. While this tea can be made using tea bags, loosened leaf tea has a tendency to provide much better taste characteristics.

Brilliant and Floral, Tieguanyin Wins the Flavor Contest.

Tieguanyin is a prominent Chinese tea that uses a bright floral scent as well as pleasant flavor. The tea can be offered to loved ones or made use of as component of a typical Gongfu tea event. Tea enthusiasts will like the brilliant flowery scent from the initial high to the last.

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