Toast To The Good Life With a Healthy Green Tea Shot

Many thanks to our continuously innovating culture, we’re always seeking new methods to enjoy things we love. The tale for tea is no different. There are always brand-new spins on conventional brewing techniques as well as brand-new recipes consisting of tea as a staple component. The result is brand-new flavors, fragrances, and textures that make alcohol consumption tea more fun.

Naturally we were immediately interested when we came across environment-friendly tea shots. Sadly, we were sad to uncover the term in fact provides itself to an alcohol drink that does not make use of any tea leaves in its dish.

Lucky for you, we have actually created our very own green tea shot dishes where you can get the healthy benefits of environment-friendly tea leaves. Continue reading to find out even more regarding environment-friendly tea, the imposter shot, and also discover our green tea shot recipes.

Green Tea Shot Recipes

When we found the environment-friendly tea shot, we believed it was a roast that there wasn’t also eco-friendly tea in the beverage. So we have actually come up with a couple of alternating environment-friendly tea shot recipes that guarantee you reap the benefits of environment-friendly tea as well as appreciate the flavors. Take a look at these fun dishes for an eco-friendly tea shot that in fact utilizes healthy tea leaves.

Matcha Green Tea Shot

This matcha green tea shooter packs a punch when it pertains to health and wellness advantages. Since the eco-friendly tea leaves are ground right into a fine powder, you get all the healthy substances concealed in the tea leaves. With an abundant taste account that features natural and also flower notes, you’ll prepare to skip the awesome bourbon shooter at pleased hr and toast to your wellness with this matcha shot instead.

Ingredients and Tools:

1 tsp matcha powder

1 bamboo whisk (chasen).

4 ounces of warm water.


1. Put the water right into a matcha dish, additionally referred to as a chawan. If you do not have a chawan, you can utilize any other wide-brimmed dish.

2. Include the matcha powder and stir vigorously using the bamboo whisk. Utilize a zigzag movement to create a creamy froth.

3. Pour the focused matcha into a shot glass or little glass mug and also delight in. You can additionally drink this shot cold by cooling the environment-friendly tea. Simply pour the tea concentrate right into a mixed drink shake with ice cubes. Shake well as well as stress mix into a glass. Make sure to brew using hot water– never ever cold water. Cold water does not establish flavors well as well as the matcha powder can glob together.

Green Tea Mixed Drink Dish.

This cocktail is the best enhancement to a themed celebration or for celebrating St. Patrick’s day. For this dish, we’ve changed the fifty percent ounce peach schnapps with real peaches. You still get that comforting peachy flavor without the hangover the following day. If you more than the legal age, you can include a shot of alcohol to this environment-friendly tea cocktail.

Active ingredients:.

1 tablespoon loosened fallen leave green tea.

1 large peach – jumbled.

1/2 mug apple cider.

1/2 cup warm water.

mixed drink shaker.



1. Warm the water in a tea pot between 150 and 170 F. Include the loose leaf tea as well as steep for 1 to 3 minutes.

2. Strain the tea leaves and pour right into a cocktail shaker with ice.

3. Add the peaches to a high glass and also jumble to launch taste.

4. Pour equal parts tea concentrate and apple cider into the high glass.

5. Garnish with a peach or apple slice as well as enjoy!

Make Eco-friendly Tea Shots Healthier.

We’ve included brand-new significance to environment-friendly tea shots with our enjoyable dishes that in fact focus around green tea. As Wayne Gretzky as soon as claimed, “you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take”. Toast to your health and wellness with these eco-friendly tea shots and also begin your morning off appropriate or have an excellent night.

You don’t have to settle for eco-friendly tea shots that don’t even consist of any eco-friendly tea leaves. Whether you’re a huge follower of the natural taste of green tea or wish to sprinkle it down a little bit with other active ingredients, you make sure to like these recipes.

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