What do carpenter ants look like

“I keep seeing big, black ants in my residence, specifically in the bathroom and kitchen. I spray the ones I see, however they keep returning. What kind of ants are these, where do they come from, and also exactly how do I remove them?”.

These are the questions commonly asked by property owners that have carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are one of the most common ants found in Kentucky. They are additionally one of the most tough to control. This publication will aid you figure out if you have carpenter ants, and provide tips on exactly how to control them..

Biology and Practices.

Carpenter ants, vary in size as well as color but are generally big (1/4 -1/ 2 inch) as well as blackish. Periodically, flocks of winged carpenter ant reproductives will arise inside a house. Carpenter ant throngs normally occur in the spring and are a sure sign that a nest is nesting somewhere inside the structure.

Winged carpenter ants can be distinguished from termites by their larger size and shape of their antennae, midsection and wings..

Besides being undesirable by their presence, carpenter ants damage wood by hollowing it out for nesting. They dig deep into galleries in timber which have a smooth, sandpapered look. Wood which has actually been harmed by carpenter ants consists of no mud-like material, as holds true with termites. Shredded pieces of wood, comparable in appearance to rugged sawdust, are expelled from the galleries via preexisting splits or slits made by the ants. When such accumulations are located (commonly having dead ants and little bits of insects which the carpenter ants have eaten), it’s an excellent sign that a carpenter ant nest neighbors. Usually, nevertheless, the excavated sawdust remains surprise behind a wall surface or in a few other hidden area..

Carpenter ants nest in both moist as well as completely dry timber, but prefer wood which is moist. Consequently, the nests are more likely to be discovered in timber dampened by water leaks, such as around sinks, bath tubs, inadequately sealed windows/ door frames, roof covering leakages and badly flashed smokeshafts. Nests are especially common in damp, hollow spaces such as the wall surface space behind a dish washer, or in a hollow veranda column. Since there usually will be no exterior signs of damage, probing the timber with a screwdriver helps expose the excavated galleries. One more method for situating covert nests is to touch along baseboards as well as various other wood surfaces with the candid end of a screwdriver, listening for the hollow noise of harmed timber. If a nest is nearby, carpenter ants typically will certainly respond by making a” rustling” sound within the nest, similar to the crinkling of cellophane..

Carpenter ants may develop nests in a number of different places. It is essential to recognize that these places can be either inside or outside the framework. Carpenter ants really construct 2 different kinds of nests: moms and dad nests which, when fully grown, consist of an egg-laying queen, brood and also 2000 or more worker ants, and satellite nests which might have large numbers of employee ants yet no queen, eggs or young larvae. The carpenter ants inside a residence may have originated from the parent nest or from one or more satellite nests. For instance, the ants might be originating from the parent nest situated outdoors in a tree stump, landscape hardwood or woodpile, or from one or more satellite nests hidden behind a wall in the kitchen or washroom, or possibly from timber dampened by a roofing system leakage in the attic.

The extent and also prospective damages to a residence relies on the number of nests are actually existing within the framework, and how long the infestation has been energetic. Although large carpenter ant colonies can creating architectural damage, the damage is not usually as significant as that from termites. Sometimes, the damage may be fairly irrelevant, however this can only be figured out by situating and also exposing the nest location..


The very best way to control carpenter ants is to locate and damage the nests. This is commonly much easier said than done. Recent research studies have shown that carpenter ants adhere to distinctive scent routes in between the satellite swarms and also the moms and dad nest. Carpenter ants also depend on scent routes to recruit their nestmates to food. With perseverance as well as a little effort, homeowners can utilize this tracking actions presented by carpenter ants to locate and also remove the nests..

When carpenter ants are observed, do not spray them; rather, feed the ants tiny bits of diluted honey put onto the back (nonsticky side) of pieces of masking tape. The best time to do this is late at night given that this is when carpenter ants are most energetic. After the ants have actually preyed on the honey, follow them on their journey back to their nest. Hold your horses– ultimately the ants will vanish behind a baseboard, cupboard, or into some other hidden area such as the hollow room (gap) within a wall, door covering, or patio column..

Deal with wall voids as well as other hidden areas where ants are getting in by very carefully drilling a series of little (1/8 inch) holes and puffing boric acid (available at most equipment stores) right into the presumed nest areas. The boric acid powder will certainly disperse in the hidden gap and contact and also kill the ants. If you believe the nest is in a wall, drill as well as treat at the very least 3-6 feet on either side of where ants are getting in so regarding make best use of the possibilities of getting in touch with the nest. Carpenter ants like to follow cables, pipelines as well as sides..

Tips When Calling a Professional.

Sometimes, it will be hard or difficult to situate as well as ruin the carpenter ant nest( s). In this case, the home owner may desire to call an expert pest control driver. Parasite control business approach carpenter ant issues in different ways. Some effort to situate the nest and also uniquely deal with just in certain locations. Other companies take even more of a “shot-gun” method, boring and also dusting as several prospective wall surface spaces and also nesting websites as feasible. The majority of firms likewise use a perimeter spray therapy around the outdoors structure of the home in an effort to briefly stop reinvasion. The technique which needs to not be made use of is just to spray monthly where carpenter ants are seen. If no initiative is made to find the nest( s) or likely nest locations, the issue will probably proceed.

Usually, there will be wide distinctions in cost depending upon the business and also amount of initiative expended. Given that carpenter ant troubles are not constantly addressed on the initial attempt, the sort of assurance as well as reputation of the company need to be factored into the acquiring decision..

Carpenter Ant Prevention.

A variety of actions can be taken by house owners to lower the potential for future carpenter ant issues.

1. Appropriate roofing leaks, pipes leaks as well as other moisture troubles which will attract carpenter ants.

2. Get rid of wood-to-ground call such as where landscape design has actually moved soil or mulch up against the timber house siding of a residence.

3. Clip back tree limbs as well as vegetation touching the roofing system or siding of your home. Arm or legs and also branches act as “bridges” between carpenter ants nesting in a dead tree arm or leg and the structure.

4. Seal cracks and also openings in the foundation, particularly where energy pipelines and cords enter from the exterior.

5. Pile fire wood away from the foundation and boost it off the ground. Never store fire wood in the garage or other locations of the residence, as fire wood is a prime nesting area for carpenter ants.

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