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Yerba mate is a standard tea revered by old Latin American societies. This beverage is steeped in background and also cultural customs throughout the South American continent. From Paraguay and Uruguay to Brazil as well as Chile, yerba friend made its name by revitalizing the lives of individuals that consume it. Today, yerba friend continues to motivate minds and joy tastebuds.

Powering through the day has never been less complicated many thanks to yerba mate. This conventional South American drink loads a punch when it involves power. Friend is touted as an alternative to coffee because of its high caffeine material as well as smooth power shipment. Discover the very best this tea needs to use and also submerse yourself in a world of bold taste.

Yerba Mate Fundamentals

Yerba mate is a typical natural tea made in South America. The tea is particularly typical in Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. Yerba friend is additionally preferred in Syria and also Lebanon.

Yerba mate is called mate cocido in Spanish and chá mate in Portuguese. The tea is commonly consumed as a loose fallen leave tea, yet tea bags have actually also been prevalent for a number of years. Yerba mate tea bags are typically marketed under the trade name Pajarito in Paraguay, Mate Real in Brazil, and also Taragui in Argentina.

Companion tea was found by the indigenous Guarani as well as Tupi individuals as well as has ended up being a staple of social gatherings in South American neighborhoods. The tea is made by steeping dried out leaves of the holly tree– known as Ilex paraguariensis– in hot water. The leaves are gathered, dried, as well as crushed into a chunky powder mix.

The tea is brewed in a mate gourd as well as drank with a metal straw called a bombilla. The straw is typically constructed from silver, but modern versions can be constructed of silver nickel, stainless-steel, and also hollowed cane. The straw features one end that is flared, which protects against the huge leafy chunks from going into when immersed.

Popular Yerba Mate Tea Brands

Cruz de Malta

Cruz de Malta yerba companion is one of the most prominent brands amongst Argentine consumers. This yerba friend consists of a high quantity of cut stems and much less powder than various other brand names. The tea has a potent smoky flavor that is chosen by traditional mate enthusiasts. This tea is slightly bitter and also offers a full-mouthed feel.


Taragui yerba companion is similar to Cruz de Malta in regards to taste stamina and bold scents. This yerba companion tea has even more powder than Cruz de Malta, however the very same typical, strong taste. Taragui is preferred by strong tea customers and also can be a little bitter for new tea enthusiasts. Taragui also consists of a few of the highest possible focus of high levels of caffeine since even more of the tea leaves are powdered.


Guayaki yerba mate is amongst the most effective yerba companion brand names in The United States and Canada. This tea firm offers both loosened fallen leave and also pre-brewed canned teas that are reasonable profession accredited. The tea leaves are expanded sustainably by neighborhood Argentinian, Brazilian, as well as Paraguayan farmers.

Guayaki conventional organic yerba companion has a reduced level of acidity as well as milder taste that appropriates for brand-new mate enthusiasts. The taste profile of their friend has a tendency to have nutty undertones and also is weak and milder than choices. The cut of the fallen leaves is additionally thicker as well as coarser than various other yerba mate brand names.


Rosamonte is an additional solid choice that is popular in Argentina. This mate has a malty taste that is strong and also bitter. The tea is fine-grained and generally offered in tea bag kind. This variety is advised for people that delight in strong taste, however desire the benefit of routine teas.

Our Best Friend Teas

Brazil Eco-friendly Yerba Companion Tea

Our Brazil yerba mate tea originates from Parana, Brazil– home to Iguaçu falls. It includes large pieces of holly tree leaves as well as stems for a powerful flavor that is mildly bitter.

Our companion tea is packed with anti-oxidants to keep you healthy and balanced all year long. It likewise has a high quantity of high levels of caffeine so you can make it through the lengthiest days.

You can brew it the standard way using a bombilla as well as gourd. It can likewise be brewed much like other routine teas using a tea strainer and tea cup.

Roasted Friend Tea

We have actually placed a brand-new spin on timeless yerba companion tea by toasting the leaves over an open fire. The tea leaves are harvested and also baked to produce a rich, smoky taste.

This yerba companion offers a slightly nutty taste with an earthy surface.

Baked companion tea is finest consumed in the early morning many thanks to its high levels of caffeine.

Simply one cup an you’ll have adequate energy to take on also one of the most tough tasks. It’s rich in vitamin C as well as other nutrients that can assist fend off a cold or flu.

Butter Tea Blend

This butter tea blend is a mix of our Sencha Fuji Eco-friendly tea, Brazilian Environment-friendly Yerba Companion, as well as Youthful Pu-erh teas.

These premium quality teas use distinct flavor that includes verdant, earthy, as well as smoky notes. The powerful mix ensures you’ll get things done, despite the length of time your day is.

The tea was developed to enhance power and also mixes perfectly with grass-fed butter or MCT oil. The mix of powerful tea substances as well as fats helps supply a smoother, longer-lasting energy kick.

You can also utilize whipping cream or other healthy and balanced fats to extract the abundant taste.

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