How to Use Tea Bags for the Eyes?

What are the benefits of utilizing tea bags on the eyes?

Making use of tea bags on your eyes is a popular natural remedy. Tea bags might assist to improve the look of your eyes by minimizing dark circles, puffiness, and redness. They may likewise aid to treat irritability, styes, and also pink eye.

Tea bags are an inexpensive, natural option that you can easily attempt in your home. Placing them on your eyes offers you the opportunity to remainder and also take a break. Do the treatment numerous times each day till your symptoms have moderated.

Just how to use

Steep two bags of tea as you would typically if you were mosting likely to drink the tea. After that eject the excess liquid from the bags. Permit them to cool down so they’re cozy, or cool them in the fridge for 10 to 20 mins. Apply the tea bags to closed eyes for 15 to 30 minutes.

You might use your fingertips to apply gentle stress to your eyes or gently massage the location around your eyes. If you’re utilizing chilled bags, attempt covering them with pieces of cool cucumber for added relief. A corrective yoga position could aid you relax from the stress and anxieties of your day while you’re doing your tea bag therapy.

What types of tea can I use?

There are several kinds of tea that can be used to deal with eye issues. It’s finest to utilize natural tea when possible to stay clear of any type of chemicals.

Black, white, and eco-friendly tea contain caffeineTrusted Source as well as antioxidants that may help to deal with eye problems.

Herbal teas are relaxing and also relaxing. They might help to decrease inflammation, puffiness, as well as irritation.

Popular herbal teas used to deal with eye problems consist of:

  • rooibos
  • chamomile
  • lavender
  • eyebright (clary sage).
  • calendula.
  • comfrey.
  • fennel.
  • fenugreek.

Continue reading to find out how to treat particular eye concerns with tea bags.

Inflammation, or puffy, swollen eyes.

The caffeine in black as well as eco-friendly teas has a favorable effect on puffy, puffy eyes as well as can assist to maintain skin taut. High levels of caffeine restricts the blood vessels within this sensitive cells. This help in decreasing puffiness and also inflammation.

Black and also green teas likewise include anti-oxidants called flavonoids and tannins that have an anti-inflammatory effect Trusted Source. The tannins can assist to tighten the skin as well as draw out liquid to better ease any puffiness. Eco-friendly tea might be a little more efficient because of its greater flavonoid web content. Usage black or environment-friendly tea bags as a cool compress to deal with bags under the eyes.

Other teas that have actually been revealed to minimize swelling consist of:

  • eyebright.
  • rooibosTrusted Source.
  • chamomile.

RooibosTrusted Source and also green tea might additionally work in minimizing the appearance of great lines as well as wrinkles.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Calendula, chamomile, and also fennel tea are used to soothe signs of pink eye, though there is restricted clinical proof to support the use of these teas for the treatment of this condition. These teas may assist to remove excess fluid that is draining pipes from your eye. They can additionally ease swelling and irritability.

Eyebright tea can be made use of to relieve inflammation. It has antimicrobial residential or commercial properties to assist fend off microorganisms as well as might help to increase resistance. Eco-friendly tea can likewise effectively decrease swelling.

Dark circles.

Apply cold black or green tea bags to your eyes to reduce the look of dark circles. The caffeine might aid to narrow the capillary around your eye as well as restrict blood circulation.


Black tea works in treating styes because of its high tannin web content. Its anti-bacterial and also analgesic homes help to minimize swelling and also irritation.

ChamomileTrusted Source may be used to soothe and recover irritated skin, though there is restricted scientific proof on making use of chamomile tea for skin wellness.


The anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties of lavenderTrusted Source, chamomile, as well as green tea might be practical in relieving signs of rosaceaTrusted Source. These teas can relieve the skin, as well as decrease redness as well as irritation.

You can place the tea bags on various other parts of your face along with your eyes. Make sure to make sure the tea treatment doesn’t create any type of added inflammation, nonetheless.

Red eyes.

Chamomile, rooibos, and also eco-friendly tea can be reliable in treating and also freshening sore or red eyes. The anti-inflammatory residential properties of these teas may aid to decrease any type of swelling or swelling that comes with aggravated eyes.

Dry eyes.

Use cozy black, eyebright, or lavender tea bags on your eyes to assist keep dampness as well as minimize dryness. The calming residential properties of these teas can relieve any type of irritability or level of sensitivities you might be experiencing.

Black eye.

If you have a black eye, you can use black or eco-friendly tea to reduce swelling. The tannins can lower swelling as well as bruising. They might additionally help to regulate inner bleeding. Lavender as well as chamomile may be practical in relaxing any inflamed skin, and also providing discomfort alleviation.

Risks and also safety measures.

Constantly be cautious when utilizing tea bags on your eyes given that the area is really delicate. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Laundry your hands as well as face completely before treatment.

Eliminate makeup prior to treatment.

Never ever use hot tea bags.

Discontinue usage if you experience any kind of discomfort or irritation.

Avoid tea bags which contain staples.

Usage natural tea bags.

Maintain fluid out of your eyes.

Get rid of calls before doing the therapy.

Stay clear of massaging or touching your eyes.

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