Bugs That Look Like Stink Bugs

General Details

There are about 10 species of kissing bugs located in the U.S., with 2 of the a lot more common being the conenose bug, Triatoma sanguisuga (LeConte), as well as the western bloodsucking conenose pest, Triatoma protracta (Uhler).

There are lots of species of have an odor bugs, but the one most likely to come to be an annoyance is the brown marmorated have an odor insect (BMSB).

Do They Attack?

Both BMSBs as well as kissing pests have piercing/sucking mouthparts, however just kissing bugs attack people, pets, as well as other animals.


Both of these insects establish by altering from eggs, to nymphs, and afterwards to adults. Adults have well created wings as well as are strong fliers, yet the premature fairies of both bugs are wingless.


BMSBs have a guard shaped body that is about 1/2 – ⅝ inches long. They are mottled brownish, grey as well as light black in shade, as well as they have white sections on their antennae. They have 2 sets of wings that are held flat over their back, and the external edge of their abdominal area is revealed considering that their wings do not entirely cover their body. Their head is blunt and less lengthened than the kissing insect’s head.

Kissing insects are frequently called conenose bugs because the form of their conical heads. These pests are about 3/4 – 1 inch long, are dark brownish or black in shade, and some species have red, yellow or tan markings on the abdomen. Kissing bug legs are long and slim, as well as their mouthparts extend well beyond their heads.


BMSBs choose to eat soybeans and fruit, and have a fondness for apple, citrus, as well as peach fruit trees. Have an odor pests additionally eat the leaves of several decorative plants.

Kissing Pests

Kissing insects feed solely on the blood they receive from their animal host pets. Some of their food resources are wild and domestic animals such as:




Domestic dogs

In some cases individuals

Biology & Life Process

As pointed out above, BMSBs establish through three life phases– eggs, nymphs as well as adults.

The life process of BMSBs normally entails adults actively mating, recreating and feeding throughout the months of springtime via late Fall. However, this insect is additionally really energetic before the start of cool winter season climate as they look for sanctuary to invest the wintertime in a dormant phase called diapause.

BMSBs might overwinter in several places, several of which include exterior particles stacks, dead trees as well as safeguarded locations such as:


Storage space locations


Behind exterior siding

It is essential to keep in mind that becoming part of diapause might not end their season of activity. If the climate heats up for enough time, indoor overwintering have an odor insects might be deceived right into thinking it’s time to end up being energetic once more.

When this happens, house owners are most likely to see BMSBs flying around windows, doors, and also various other resources of light in hopes of making their way outdoors.

Kissing pests like to live near nests or relaxing areas of their hosts. These insects may reside inside, yet normally live outdoors.

Regular outside places include:

Dog houses

Family pet kennels

Underneath piles of rocks, wood, brush as well as tree bark.

These pests emerge from their daytime areas to take a blood meal throughout the evening. They favor to bite revealed skin, as well as some varieties of kissing insects prefer attacking around a person’s face or near the lips.

Bites to individuals are essentially without pain, and also normally does not wake a person who is asleep. Other bite sites are hands, arms, and feet.


BMSBs are discovered where their chosen foods are expanded in approximately 41 states.

Kissing bugs are usually discovered in the southerly, southeastern, as well as southwestern states.

Damages & Medical Relevance for Stink Vermin vs. Kissing Bugs

Stink bugs that eat fruit causes a distortion of the fruit referred to as “pet cat dealing with.” This makes the damaged fruit worthless, or worth much less than typical market value.

As discussed above, BMSBs also prey on soybeans as well as their feeding can substantially minimize the yield of that crop. For house and structure owners, BMSBs end up being nuisances when they begin to seek sanctuary.

Kissing Vermin & Chagas Condition

Kissing Insects can transfer Chagas condition, an arising vector borne disease in the U.S and also parts of Central and also South America.

Throughout or soon after a kissing bug takes a blood meal, the insect likewise excretes. A person that rubs the feces right into a break in the skin, ingests kissing insect feces, or scrubs feces into the eyes may become infected with the condition.

Prevention and Control

Prevention of both BMSBs as well as kissing pests are quite comparable. Seal all access points that might permit them to get in, as well as reduce their offered exterior environment. Additionally, getting rid of clutter inside your home is practical, as it decreases the areas where they can go hidden.

While building construction as well as elimination of environment is valuable, occasionally that is inadequate for your bug issues.

In such situations, contact your Orkin for a complimentary evaluation. They will form a science-based avoidance as well as control program for your home.

Whatever you require to know about this intrusive types

Brown marmorated have an odor insects (BMSBs) are an invasive varieties from Asia that first arrived in Pennsylvania in 1996 and also can now be located in much of the continental USA. Stink insects earned their name from the defensive smell they launch when interrupted or crushed. People most typically run into stink insects in their houses throughout late summertime as well as autumn as the temperature levels outside begin to fall.

What do stink pests look like?

Adult BMSBs are stippled greyish-brown in shade as well as have six legs. Their physique is a triangular guard and also they are about 3/4 of an inch long.

Where do stink insects come from?

Have an odor insects are a native of Asia and also were mistakenly introduced to the United States sometime in the late 1990s. Since there are no natural killers for have an odor pests in the U.S., they have actually been able to spread out rapidly to become a substantial agricultural pest.

Why do they come inside your home?

As the weather gets chillier toward completion of summer as well as very early fall, have an odor pests start looking for cozy overwintering websites. This leads them to enter residences and various other frameworks that can offer shelter. Stink bugs reemerge from their overwintering sites in early spring to end up being active once again. Throughout warm months, they are frequently seen congregating en masse on the sides of buildings.

Are stink insects dangerous?

Have an odor bugs aren’t known to bite people or damage home, but caution must be made use of when managing them to stay clear of a release of their undesirable odor. Their propensity to get into homes in high numbers can be quite an annoyance. Though they don’t pose a straight threat to individuals, stink insects damage plants and are a risk to the agricultural sector.

Exactly how do I avoid a have an odor pest invasion?

To avoid stink bugs from going into residences and also buildings, seal all splits around home windows, doors, exterior siding, energy pipes, outlets, behind chimneys and underneath the timber fascia and also other openings. Make sure to use a high-quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk. Harmed displays on doors ought to be replaced to keep have an odor bugs out. It can likewise be beneficial to replace outside lights with yellow light bulbs, which are much less attractive to stink pests. A certified parasite specialist can treat for stink bugs in the late summertime or fall to stop invasions as they look for sanctuary from the cold.

How do I do away with stink bugs?

If you’re already taking care of stink bugs in your home or structure, make use of a hoover to eliminate them. Make certain to throw out the bag or empty the cylinder to prevent smell from spreading. For further aid, speak to an accredited pest control specialist to assess the issue. Enter your zip code below to locate a parasite control business near you.

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