A Quick Guide to Yixing Teapots

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Yixing teapots are straightforward as well as unadorned, but they’re additionally extremely useful. They were initial developed as a choice to the elaborately elaborate porcelain tea pots utilized in ceremonial parties centuries ago in China. Today, these clay teapots are amongst the most precious tools for tea enthusiasts.

Yixing teapots feature permeable clay building that absorbs the natural oils in tea. That means that in time, these teapots progressively soak up the flavor and hue of made tea.

Yixing teapots represent a go back to humble, all-natural roots of tea. The teapot is made totally of all-natural materials as well as skillfully crafted by hand. Usually given as household treasures, these teapots are magnificent masterpieces and also ideal for developing tea with a social style. Discover the easy elegance of a yixing teapot with this fast guide.

What Is A Yixing Teapot?

A yixing teapot is a specialized tea vessel produced developing tea. This teapot is usually made from unglazed clay as well as includes an unassuming framework. The teapots are made from clay located near Yixing in the Jiangsu province of China. These consist of purple clay as well as red clay deposits.


Yixing clay was first mined throughout the Song Empire around China’s Lake Tai. According to Chinese tale, the very first yixing teapot was crafted by a monk from the Golden Sand Holy Place. The teapot became prominent amongst scholars prior to it became famous amongst daily individuals.

The teapots were shipped to Europe as well as used for great teawares including teapots and also tea cups. The finished items were generally reddish brown in color. Yixing teapots were also commonly referred to as zisha teapots. They are also called Qing Shui Ni when the clay is not mixed or tinted.

Today zisha teapots are identified by the use of purple sand clay. These Yixing purple clay teapots as well as other ceramic feature a purple-red brownish shade. Other preferred yixing teapots consist of Zhu sha as well as Duan ni. Zhu sha– occasionally called zhu ni– is a cinnabar sand clay. This clay boasts vibrant red colors and is still being extracted today. Duan ni is a fortified clay that contains rocks and also minerals in addition to zhu ni or zi ni clay. The colors can vary from eco-friendly as well as blue to black and off-white.


Rocks are extracted from the Yixing region and also ground right into a fine powder. The powder is combined with water in troughs to make big amounts of clay. The clay rests for several days prior to it is formed right into the yixing teapot.

Numerous craftsmens resource their own clay and develop fancy combinations to create special teapots. Minerals as well as other clays are frequently combined to evoke certain temperature properties or to add stylistic elements to the teapot.

Just like many mining, the majority of the original clay down payments in Yixing have actually been removed. Today, it is still feasible to discover vintage yixing teapots made with initial deposits. These teapots are taken into consideration among the most expensive and illustrious yixing clay teapots.

How is The Yixing Teapot Made?

Once the craftsmen has actually sourced the yixing clay, the true artistry starts. The artisan should first start to draw up proper dimensions through mathematical estimations. This ensures the teapot is formed completely without any broken seams or short sides. The clay is then cut, smoothed, as well as built into form.

The teapots are formed entirely by hand, without using devices consisting of clay wheels. The clay is repeatedly battered, smoothed, rolled, and plied up until it reaches its wanted form. There are rounded pots, square teapots, and also geometric forms.

There are loads of classical yixing forms. These consist of the hé pán hú, which has a slim bottom as well as broad middle in addition to the liùfang hú, which is formed more like a metal French press. The styles have been improved over centuries of Chinese influence and also add a social dimension to classical tea alcohol consumption.


The clay is very first rolled out and afterwards cut into leading and lower pieces. Next the artisan uses the purple clay to eliminate side pieces that are rolled into a band. The sides are after that sculpted and shaped right into the desired shape. The top is put on very first complied with by the bottom. The artist after that smooths as well as shapes the teapot to eliminate cracks and also openings. The lid opening is shaped and also improved to make certain the lid fits properly. The entire shaping process can take numerous days to weeks depending on the design of the pot.

The teapot is then loaded with sand and also positioned right into a firing kiln. The sand assists avoid the teapot from cracking under the stress of high warmth. Artisans must also take into account the stress and moisture to avoid fractures.

How to Choose A Yixing Teapot

Phony yixing teapots can be discovered in Chinatowns across the globe. These low quality variations are commonly made using fabricated clay that is polluted with chemicals and colorings. Since these clay pots are unglazed, these chemicals and also ingredients can seep into your tea.

To choose a premium quality yixing teapot, aim to see that the pot is made from purple clay from the Yixing location. Next, examine the rate. Yixing teapots are naturally expensive due to the fact that they are so labor intensive to make. Many yixing teapots made by entry-level musicians and students run anywhere from $80 to $120. Yixing teapots made by masters in the sector can regulate price tags of more than $500. If you’re getting a yixing teapot for $10, it’s most likely a phony.

Also seek appropriate cover fit. Many device generated yixing teapots will certainly have lids that hang and also rattle. That’s due to the fact that they aren’t made to excellence like handmade choices. Additionally search for lines inside the teapot that reveal where the pots were casted making use of a machine. Handcrafted yixing pots do not have any kind of casting lines because they are made by hand.

How to Use a Yixing Zisha Teapot

Yixing teapots are used to make teas consisting of black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, environment-friendly tea, as well as white tea. They were initially designed to make oxidized as well as semi-oxidized teas. If using to brew environment-friendly or white tea, you must allow the water to cool down before adding the tea leaves.

Considering that yixing teapots take in the flavor of the tea they brew, they need to just be utilized to brew one type of tea. Blending teas will certainly change the flavor as well as destroy future brews.

The initial thing you need to do after you acquire a yixing teapot is season it. Start by bringing filtered water to a boil in a pot on the oven. Delicately place the yixing teapot inside the boiling water. Use a cable ladle or a white towel to create a barrier in between the yixing pot and the bottom of the frying pan to stop burning. Permit the yixing pot to boil carefully in the warm water for 10 minutes.

The following action in spices is to soak the pot in a strong mixture of tea. Brew a solid infusion of your wanted tea in the pot. Empty the mixture right into a huge dish. Maintain brewing mixtures up until the bowl has enough tea in it to immerse the yixing teapot. Place the yixing teapot in the made tea and also allow rest till the mix reaches area temperature. Remove, rub completely dry as well as use as usual to brew tea.

Exactly how to Look after A Yixing Teapot

Wash the teapot making use of only hot water. Never make use of soaps or cleaning agents as the porous clay will soak up these flavors. Do not utilize metal tools or other rough steels on the yixing pot as these can trigger scrapes. Store the teapot upside-down with the lid off to avoid buildup of dampness or mold and mildew.

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