A Journey Starts with a Single Steep: 6 Essential Introductory Teas

At Sencha, we really feel that the expedition of tea is very personal as well as we make every effort to be a leading resource for everybody whether you are years into your Tea Journey or just beginning down the course of exploration. The globe of tea has lots of variety and nuance and can appear overwhelming when watched from the outside. In order to give you an embarking on point, we have actually created a guide to the best introductory teas from six real tea types. Maintain reading to uncover our suggestions for building a solid base for your tea understanding and also taste.


Keemun is a popular conventional tea from China that supplies a great choice for tea enthusiasts simply gaining familiarity with black teas. This tea is approachably moderate with an account characterized by abundant, toasted flavor and also a somewhat smoky coating. Keemun, called an English Morning meal tea, stands up well to milk and sugar and offers a suitable amount of caffeine to get your day started off on the right foot.

Iron Siren of Grace

Of the true tea types, oolong teas provide the widest variety of flavors varying from vegetal to malted relying on level of oxidation the leaves undergo. Iron Siren of Mercy, or Tie Guanyin, is a prominent oolong tea from China claimed to have actually been discovered via the divine ideas of Bodhisattva Guanyin. This tea steeps a smooth, rich cup redolent of baked chestnut and also dried apricots and uses modest caffeine. Like many oolongs, Iron Siren of Grace can be steeped numerous times for a deeper expedition of the tastes that develop as the fallen leaves spread out.

Dragon’s Well

Approaching environment-friendly teas can be complicated, specifically for tea drinkers unused to

the vegetal acidity that commonly identifies this tea kind. Whether you are simply starting out on your tea trip or are merely seeking a smoother cup, we advise trying our Dragon’s Well eco-friendly tea. Additionally referred to as Longjing, this standard pan-fried tea from China is identified by a light grassy account with subtle notes of flowers. Dragon’s Well is one of the smoothest as well as most floral green teas available.

Pai Mu Tan

White teas are made from the youngest fallen leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant are amongst the least refined of truth tea types. White teas are identified by subtle tastes as well as fragile scents. Pai Mu Tan is a standard white tea from China made up of very early buds and also leaves of the tea plant. This particular tea soaks a smooth flowery cup with minor earthy notes as well as tips of melon.

Pu-erh Golden Tip

Pu-erh teas are special because they are the only type of tea to be fermented.

Throughout the handling of pu-erh teas, the leaves are allowed to develop microbial germs which assists in the oxidation procedure. Pu-erh teas are frequently characterized by taste accounts similar to black teas as well as darker oolongs. Pu-erh Golden Pointer soaks a robust and also aromatic mug nuanced by deep natural flavors. This tea is chock-full of anti-oxidants and probiotics which assist manage the body as well as advertise intestine health.

Hunan Gold

Yellow teas are the rarest of the true tea kinds and also are primarily created in China. Hunan Gold is a large-leaf yellow tea grown in the Hunan Province defined by crisp as well as virtually fruity taste profile. This tea soaks a bright, moderately caffeinated yellow mug that is livelier than eco-friendly teas but even more mellow than black teas

Steep Your Means To Teavana

Whether you’re new to the tea world or wanting to broaden your loose fallen leave collection, this overview supplies our ideal recommendations for examples of the six true tea kinds. For additional exploration, check out our full tea directory below.

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