Iced Russian Tea Recipe

Russian tea is a delightful orange drink that acquires its name from its popularity in Russia. Characteristically made utilizing black tea leaves, lemon, and sugar, this drink was taken pleasure in by elite Russians throughout the turn of the 19th century. Russian tea ended up being implanted in culture as well as society in the same way sweet tea has in the American south.

Modern tackles the drink consist of the enhancement of rum and powdered blends. One of the most usual blends consist of lemonade mix, Flavor orange beverage mix, as well as kool-aid immediate tea powder. The tea is loaded with vitamin C, which provides a sharp, revitalizing flavor and also considerable health benefits.

Below, we’ve developed our own variation of the popular Russian Tea dish. We utilize our traditional English Morning meal black tea as well as mix it with flavors and also citrus juice to create that deliciously tasty taste.

Iced Russian Tea Dish

Takes: 10 minutes


  • 12 ounces of water
  • 2 tbsp Keemun
  • 1 cinnamon stick or 1tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves or 2 entire cloves
  • 2 tabelspoon honey
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 mug pineapple juice
  • orange wedges, to garnish


  • 1. Bring the water to a close to boil and steep the tea, cinnamon, and cloves in the warm water for 5 mins.
  • 2. Dispose of the tea and also spices making use of a great mesh filter.
  • 3. Add the honey to the boiling water and also mix to combine well.
  • 4. Finally, include the orange and also pineapple juice. Preference as well as include even more honey if preferred.
  • 5. Cool and also pour over ice with an orange wedge to serve.

Dish Notes:

Russian Tea can be eaten as a warm drink or chilly iced tea depending on your preferences. In Russia, the tea is prominent in the middle of winter season as a method to warm up cold bones. Do not use cool water to brew the tea leaves as awesome water doesn’t establish flavors well. Always make utilizing warm water and after that chill for cold tea.

For a normally caffeine-free version, just use our Rooibos tisane instead of black tea leaves.

The dishes can be become match various taste choices by just switching out the juice taste. For an extra tart note, usage lemon juice as opposed to orange juice. If you remain in a hurry, you can likewise substitute the juice components with a pre-made Russian tea mix. If you want a vegan option, swap out the honey with one cup sugar.

Take Russian Flavor An Action Further

Wish to taste beautiful Russian flavor? Try developing up this easy and also fascinating Russian Tea recipe. It makes certain to please every person from your mother-in-law to participants of your card club. Offer it as a hot beverage in the morning for a quick pick-me-up that has half the high levels of caffeine as a mug of coffee. Alternatively, you can use this dish to cool down in the summer season by cooling the drink. Take the initial dish to the next degree as well as set it with tasty dishes such as Russian syrniki– cheese pancakes– or tea cakes with nuts as well as powdered sugar. You can likewise offer this beverage recipe alongside sluggish cooker supper recipes including Russian Plov– a hearty poultry as well as rice me

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