Can Benadryl Be Used for Anxiety?

Can you make use of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for stress and anxiety? If you are living with anxiety and don’t like traditional medicines or have not yet visited your medical professional, you could question whether non-prescription (OTC) drugs like Benadryl might help you handle your symptoms.

Yet there are several questions: Are they secure? Do they work? What are the benefits and drawbacks? As well as, can you utilize them to supplement various other therapies you might get? This write-up takes into consideration each of these inquiries to help you arrange with your alternatives for dealing with anxiety with over the counter medicine like Benadryl.

OTC Medications for Anxiousness

First things initially: You’re most likely wondering if over-the-counter drugs even function when it pertains to dealing with anxiousness. In order to answer this question, let’s first consider the various non-prescription drugs that you may use for stress and anxiety since Benadryl is simply among lots of.

Antihistamines as well as Other Sedatives

Antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl, are made use of to handle allergies, however they can additionally create sedation as a side effect. Because of this, diphenhydramine remains in a lot of non-prescription sleep aids. Some individuals take Benadryl for anxiousness as a result of the relaxing side effects it can have. As a matter of fact, some doctors may also recommend Benadryl for youngsters and adolescents with stress and anxiety conditions, according to the American Academy of Kid and Teenager Psychiatry (AACAP).

Benadryl takes around 15 to half an hour to begin working as well as its peak impact happens concerning 2 to 4 hrs after taking it. An adult dosage to acquire sedating results is between 25 and 50 milligrams. Nonetheless, these results are less than you would experience with prescription sedatives such as benzodiazepines.

Along with the sedating impacts of antihistamines, various other non-prescription medications can induce sedation and drowsiness, most especially those marketed as muscular tissue relaxers or sleep medicines.

Benadryl is not the only antihistamine that is sometimes used off-label for stress and anxiety alleviation. Medical professionals may also in some cases suggest Vistaril (hydroxyzine), an antihistamine that is similar to Benadryl, for the temporary treatment of anxiousness.

Herbal Treatments

There are a variety of organic solutions that might give some relief of signs and symptoms of anxiousness. A few of these include:



Lemon balm





Organic remedies can be found in the form of teas, sprays, tablets, oils, or casts. Like other therapies for anxiousness, herbal remedies can additionally have relaxing results, however they are normally light.

These natural solutions are usually not strong sufficient to successfully deal with severe stress and anxiety signs. Organic solutions are best utilized under a medical professional’s support to enhance various other first-line therapies for considerable anxiety.


Different medicines might act on parts of the mind involved in the experience of psychological discomfort. Actually, one research study from the University of British Columbia ended that over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) had an impact on emotional distress as well as anxiety triggers.

Vitamins and also Minerals

Lots of people understand that nutrients are important for physical wellness, but can taking them reduce anxiety? However, unless you have a deficiency in a specific vitamin or mineral, it’s not likely that taking vitamin or mineral supplements will reduce anxiety signs and symptoms. That being said, there is no damage in taking an everyday multivitamin to sustain your total health and wellness under the support of your physician.

Safety of OTC Medications for Stress And Anxiety

The security of using over-the-counter medication for stress and anxiety typically depends on what you take as well as exactly how you use it. Some of the security worries to consider include:

Drug interactions: Always tell your physician what OTC medications as well as supplements you are taking, as there is always a danger of interaction among supplements or with various other medicines you might be taking.

Planned use: Many over the counter medicines that you might consider anxiousness, such as antihistamines, while approved by the Fda (FDA) as secure, have actually not been approved for relieving signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Long-term effects: A lot of OTC medications and supplements are intended to be taken only periodically, and there is little to no research study on long-term use. Because of this, they lug risks for side effects when taken on a regular basis, and there is potential for abuse.

Law: Natural supplements are not managed in the same way as drugs, and long-term studies on effectiveness as well as safety are usually doing not have. Nonetheless, most supplements are secure to use under the guidance of a medical professional.

Negative effects: For some supplements, such as kava kava, there is problem concerning severe negative effects such as liver damage. It is necessary to be familiar with the potential negative effects of any type of natural supplements you take and to contact your medical professional if you experience any type of.

Prospective for overdose: Though rare, there is a possible to overdose on OTC medicines if you take excessive. Make certain to take just the suggested dosage, as well as store your medicines somewhere unreachable of kids. Also when it comes to OTC medicines and supplements, taking way too much can be hazardous and also harmful.

Benefits and drawbacks of OTC Medicines for Anxiousness

While there are some advantages to taking OTC remedies for stress and anxiety, there are likewise a variety of prospective disadvantages to think about. Prior to you take any kind of type of OTC medicine for your anxiety, make certain to talk to your doctor to help stay clear of damaging results and unsafe medication interactions.


Danger of dependence and also withdrawal is less than for sure prescription sedatives

May aid sleep and leisure

Easy and also low-cost to acquire

Potentially helpful for temporary episodes of stress and anxiety

Possibly beneficial if you protest taking typical drugs for anxiousness

Might be helpful to supplement various other therapies such as psychotherapy


Potential to trigger drowsiness throughout the day

Not effective for extreme anxiousness

Not approved by FDA for dealing with anxiousness, or otherwise controlled by FDA

Not meant for lasting use for anxiousness

Possible negative effects


Benzodiazepines, a type of prescription medication that is frequently suggested to handle signs of serious anxiety, can lead to dependence, resistance, and also withdrawal, especially when they are taken consistently for a longer time period, so OTC options can be an appealing selection for individuals who are bothered with this potential with these anti-anxiety medicines. OTC solutions are less most likely to present this sort of risk, although diphenhydramine does have some possibility for abuse.

Among the largest advantages of using an OTC medicine such as Benadryl to treat stress and anxiety is that it is fast-acting and also hassle-free. These qualities can be valuable if you require to minimize signs and symptoms of moderate anxiousness rapidly. Due to the fact that Benadryl triggers many individuals to really feel sluggish, it can likewise help with rest.


It is likewise vital to keep in mind, nonetheless, that antihistamines like Benadryl can also have unpleasant negative effects. Some people may experience extreme drowsiness, tiredness, and also dizziness.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that these OTC remedies must not be used to treat serious anxiety or as a long-term service. These medicines and also supplements are additionally not approved by the FDA for the therapy of anxiousness. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety, speak to your doctor about your treatment options to make sure the most effective therapy plan for you.

OTCs to Supplement Other Anxiety Therapies

Other kinds of treatments for anxiety might include talk therapy (such as cognitive behavior modification, mindfulness, and acceptance-based therapy) as well as prescription medicines (such as benzodiazepines or discerning serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

You can theoretically use over-the-counter drugs for anxiousness while obtaining various other treatments. However first, ask yourself why. Some usual reasons to continue to use non-prescription treatments along with various other therapies consist of:

You are in treatment as well as require some extra relief from your severe symptoms but you watch out for taking a prescription drug.

You are taking a prescription medication, but are waiting on it to work as well as need short-term relief.

You are already utilizing a different treatment as well as wish to include non-prescription medication to your therapy strategy.

In all these cases, it’s most likely that you will be far better off seeking advice from your physician. They can help you figure out the very best course of therapy for you. If you are only obtaining talk therapy and also want a temporary solution for light anxiety that troubles you primarily during the night, then an over the counter solution may be handy, though it’s ideal to speak with a medical professional first.

Never integrate an over the counter medication with prescription medicine for anxiousness without the guidance of your medical professional, as there is the opportunity of medication interaction as well as negative adverse effects.

That Should Use Over-the-Counter Medications?

A study of 690 German pharmacists determined that individuals looking for over the counter therapies for anxiety as well as clinical depression:

Were most likely to be more youthful

Had a much shorter duration of illness

Had less extreme signs and symptoms

Were cynical concerning psychopharmacology

Nevertheless, the researchers questioned whether OTC treatments were a logical or economical remedy to these problems. Lots of people acquiring over-the-counter treatments for anxiousness would likely benefit from specialist help in the form of talk therapy or prescribed medicine. The exemption might be for cases of extremely mild stress and anxiety that appear to be helped by natural remedies that use relaxation at bedtime.

Though some physicians may recommend OTC medications like Benadryl for youngsters as well as teens, it’s specifically essential not to offer a child Benadryl to deal with anxiousness without consulting their medical professional first. Diphenhydramine can be potentially harmful, and also may not be the best program of treatment for your kid’s symptoms.

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